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Carpenter with Basic Experience for Packing Company - Eindhoven

Data wygaśnięcia: 04-05-2021
Liczba wakatów: 1
Regiony: Holandia Eindhoven

Job description

If you know some basic carpenting, you may make the cut for this new job offer! We're looking for people to precisely cut out tiles from big plates of wood. These tiles will be used to build high-end flight cases. Every order is different, which makes the job quite versatile. You'll operate a wallsaw (wallmill) or table saw, depending on the requested dimensions. Being familiar with basic carpenting, you know how to work with precision in milimeters instead of centimeters. After 12 weeks a Teamleader may decide to give you a raise for good performance.

Have a look at the video below for an impression of the company:

What do you bring?

What's in it for you?


Base salary (23+ y/o) excluding shift allowance and holiday money: €11,41
Shift allowance     06:00-24:00   +18%
Shift allowance     00:00-06:00   +33%
Public holiday       all hours         +100%


HQ Pack is a producer of high-end flight cases and pallets used for the transportation of expensive machine parts by special truck or plane worldwide. ASML Lithography is an important customer of HQ Pack. They have production facilities world wide.

HQ Pack develops and produces very sophisticated high-end flight cases, sometimes with lifting and hydraulic installations inside, for very specialised customers. These cases are used to store and ship expensive machine parts all over the world.
After usage, the flight cases are returned to HQ Pack for an extensive inspection, repair and/or cleaning before being re-used. Sometimes these flight cases are too damaged or not needed anymore. Those cases are carefully disassembled and recycled to produce new cases.

HQ Pack is proud of the efforts they make to reduce the carbon footprint of the company world wide! Recently they installed solar panels on the entire roof of their building in Eindhoven.

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